Introduction: Fast and Best Way to Grind Incredible Gems in Dokkan Battle.

Step 1: Pick the Team You Want to Use and Go to Area 21

You want to pick the best team you have in the game then go to Area 21 in the games story mode.

The area's name is called After Awakening.

Step 2: Look and See If Launch or Pilaf Are on the Map.

If Launch or pilaf are on the map try to fight them.

Step 3: Fight Them

Pilaf will drop 10 gems
Launch will drop 15 gems

Step 4: Next Make Your Way to Broly and Fight Him

Broly isn't a hard fight he just has a lot of heath but nothing you shouldn't be able to take on.

Step 5: Get Your Gems

That's it just beat broly and get your Gems

Happy framing!