Introduction: Fast and Easy DIY Wreath

About: I am an Buffalo Grove musician and performer and stay at home mom.

I know it's 'tis the season and if I am going to make a wreath it should be Thanksgiving or Christmas themed, but that's not what I was in the mood for when I sat down to make this wreath. I wanted a simple wreath that I could keep on my door all year if I felt the need to do so. This go round I held off the reds and greens and fall colors. I am into feathers at the moment so I wanted to incorporate those somehow. This wreath was super easy and fast and cost $10 to make.

Step 1:

I got a basic straw wreath from Hobby Lobby. The foam wreaths are actually cheaper than the straw ones, but they happened to be out the day that I was there.

Step 2:

I wrapped the wreath in sheer turquoise ribbon. Since I did use sheer ribbon I had to use 2 spools of 10 yards of ribbon to get maximum coverage.

Step 3:

I used a peacock feather hairclip and 3 white flower and feather hairclips. I took off the clips and hot glued them to the wreath.

Add a wreath hanger over the door and there you go! Quick and easy wreath. That I can keep up all year! :)