Introduction: Fast, Cheap, Simple Ipad / Iphone Stylus

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while waiting for my Stylus to be shipped, I found the tutes here at Instructables on how to make one so I figured it try it and whoa! it works!!! lol so here's just another version of a DIY Ipad / Iphone stylus made for free in about 15 minutes.

I took an old Stylus from an old Blackberry, I tried it but it didn't work so...

I snipped off the black pointy end with a wire sniper and reamed out the hole it left with a small drill bit, anything would do but a drill bit works best because there's a piece of metal inside (most likely where that indent is close to where you cut it) I stuck the shaft in a vise very carefully not to crush it, then drilled the end out and just sort of reamed it so there's no obstructions.

then I took a piece of COPPER wire about 8 inches long and totally stripped it. I then twisted it to make one twisted 8" strand of wire... (like a piece of rope is twisted) , then I started at one end, I took about an inch, folded it up then started to roll it into a ball, I rolled it until the ball was about 5/8" then I cut off the "tail" about 2 or 2.5" from the ball and tossed it into the tool box for later use on something else.

Now I had a copper ball with a 2"-2.5" tail coming off it and an empty tube.

I inserted the tail into the tube all the way till the tube touched the ball, I then "Smooshed" the ball against the work bench so it was flat on the bottom where it would touch the screen of your pad / phone.. after making sure it worked and there were no sharp edges to scratch the surface, I wrapped some electrical tape around the sides and then to the shaft to hold it in place. For some reason, the surface touching the pad has to be fat like this in order to work. I tried it smaller but it wouldn't work. Hmmm... maybe its gotta be about the size of a finger tip?  

Oh yeah, don't use this if you aren't using a screen protector, it MAY scratch your screen... its not hurting mine but I made sure it wasn't sharp by rubbing it really hard on my face to see what it felt like, if it feels scratchy, don't use it!! Don't yell at me if you scratch your screen, you've been warned to test it first and then use a screen protector! lol