Introduction: Fat Fatty Bacon!!!!! #2

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For the Bacon lovers

Step 1: The Needs to Make


Mexican Crumble cheese

Mexican Melting Cheese

Large bulb green onion

Crawfish Tails

Three meats Ground beef, Mexican chorizo, breakfast sausage

Spices of your taste

Hog jaw bacon

Mushrooms ( I Like baby portabella)

Step 2: The Weave

weave the bacon like so

Step 3: The Mix/filling


Ground beef,

Mexican chorizo,

breakfast sausage

Hog jaw bacon (chop in small cubes)

Large bulb green onion (Just use the bulb and chop fine)

Spices of your taste

add one egg as a binder

after mixing place filler on top of the Bacon

Step 4: Just a Little More

On top of the filler place mushrooms, cheeses and crawfish tails.

Step 5: The Rap,,,,,

I use parchment paper to roll is up.

here it a tip.. let place the fat in the refrigerator for a hour before rolling up,, makes it a lot easier to roll.

Step 6: The Cook

Smoke with pecan wood at 225 for 5 to 6 hours,, and enjoy

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