Introduction: Father's Day Gift Box Toolbox From Cardboard

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Father's Day is coming along soon and so I thought a gift box in the shape of a tool box would be perfect, made from an old cardboard box and an envelope all kinds of little gifts can be stored within it. There's a video up on my YouTube channel with instructions to follow.

I hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


- Craft knife/scalpel

- Scissors

- Black pen

- Ruler


- Old cardboard box

- Junk mail envelope

- Craft glue (I used UHU)

Step 2: Draw and Cut Out the Plan

I made an easy plan above that can be drawn simply onto a box and cut out. I made the circles by drawing around the end of a pen and then cutting them out with a craft knife. The staggered/stepped lines at the corners of the box are there to mimic the look of box/finger joints on a real wooden tool box.

Step 3: Score the Folds and Glue Up

Flip the box over to score down the fold lines with a knife or scissors, I scored on the inside so that I didn't make any unsightly cuts on the outside of the box. I put glue on all the flaps at once and then took my time making sure the pieces were in the right place and then held it all together while it dried. UHU glue dries fairly quickly so I didn't have to sit there for hours!

Step 4: Make the Handle and the Lettering

The handle is simply part of the box rolled up and pushed through the holes. I drew some lettering on the box and coloured it in with the black pen. Cutting all the inner parts of the letters out first seems to work best and then the letters themselves. I took and old envelope from some junk mail and glued the letters to it, then I cut a small border around the letters and glued that onto the front of the box.

Step 5: Find Something to Put Into the Box!

I got some wood shavings from my shed and placed a few carving knives inside for photographic effect! Its quite a sturdy little box and really doesn't take very long to make at all and best of all its completely free! (minus the glue and the ink in the pen!)

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