Introduction: Faux Gold Cardboard Earrings

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There are these flat, wavy metal beads that I always drool over, but they are very expensive. The brass or copper ones cost about $8 for 30 beads, which means $5-$10 per project. So when I saw the cardboard contest, I thought...hmmm...cardboard. I made the flat beads out of cardboard and designed a pair of earrings to show them off. And bonus - They are way lighter than actual metal!

Step 1: What You Need

Cardboard (not corrugated)

Hole punch - about 12mm

Straight pin

Gold spray paint

Gold nail polish

Clear nail polish

2 - 3mm gold beads

2 - 4mm gold beads

Gold seed beads

2 - 3" gold head pins

2 - gold ear wires

Flat nosed pliers

Round nosed pliers

Wire cutters

Step 2: Cardboard

Any color & weight is fine as long as you can use your punch on it.

Step 3: Punch

Punch around the edges of your cardboard.

Step 4: Punch a Bunch

Step 5: Get Ready to Paint

Lay your circles out in a single layer somewhere where you can spray paint.

Step 6: Spray Gold Paint

Spray a fine layer over the dots. Then go over with a heavier coat so all the circles are evenly coated and very gold. Let the paint dry fully.

Step 7: Turn

Pop off the dots with a toothpick and turn each one over.

Step 8: Spray Again

Repeat painting on the opposite side. Let dry.

Step 9: Gold Dots

Step 10: Pierce

Poke a hole in the center of each circle with the straight pin.

Step 11: Start Earrings

Put one 3mm gold bead on a head pin. Then put one 4mm bead on next.

Repeat with the second head pin.

Step 12: Earring Build

Add a cardboard circle to each head pin.

Step 13: Earrings

Add a seed bead on top of each cardboard circle.

Step 14: Stacking

Alternate seed beads and cardboard circles until you have an earring length you like.

End with a seed bead.

Step 15: All Stacked

Step 16: Make It a Dangle

Using flat nose pliers, bend each head pin 90 degrees directly above the final seed bead.

Step 17: Loop

Using round nosed pliers, make a loop at the bend. Wrap the "tail" around the bottom of the loop. Trim the excess wire.

NOTE: For more details on making a wrapped loop, please see step 6 of my zipper pull earrings.

Step 18: Now You Have Dangles

Step 19: Add Ear Wires

Using pliers, twist open an ear wire loop and add a dangle. Twist the loop closed. Repeat with the second ear wire.

Step 20: Edges

If the cardboard edges look rough, coat them with gold nail polish. I used 2 coats. Let dry.

Step 21: Clear Coat

Paint the edges, and the top and bottom pieces of gold cardboard with clear nail polish. Use 2 coats. Let dry.

Step 22: Ready!

When the nail polish is dry, your earrings are ready to wear.

Step 23:

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