Introduction: Faux Lily Flower

Hello. This tutorial shows how to make faux lily flower from crepe paper.

Step 1: What You Need

crepe paper (white / green).


thin wire (white / green).


green tape.

Step 2: Prepare the Petals

Preparing the square crepe paper piece.

Using the scissors to cut out double triangle paper pieces along the diagonal.

Put the white thin wire between them and glued together.

Step 3: Make the Petals

Using the scissors to cut out the petals shapes.

Step 4: Shape the Petals

Using hand to shape the petals.

Step 5: Make the Stamen and Stigma

Wrap the green thin wire up in green tape.

Put these thin wires together with green tape and shape them into stamen and stigma.

Step 6: Make the Flower

Using green tape to combine the petals and stamen together.

Step 7: Make the Leaf

Put the green thin wire between two green crepe paper pieces and glued together.

Using the scissors to cut out the leaf shapes.

Using hand to carve the veins.

Step 8: Final Step

Finally, using green tape to combine the flower and leaf.

Create a bouquet and enjoy!

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