Introduction: Faux Antique Bronze Sculpture

Need something to decorate your walls? Something simple but with expensive looks? This is what i did......

What I used

Paper mache relief

Black Acrylic Paint

Antique gold Acrylic Paint


I had a Plaster of Paris mould; which gave me paper mache 3D Relief- sculpture, but in case you do not have this I suppose the plain plastic masks( the ones used for halloween or kids birthday parties) should suffice.

Step 1: Painting the Mask

I used black acrylic paint to coat the mask an even black.

Since I had used paper mask it was readily absorbed and dried in a jiffy. In case of plastic masks or figures I suppose I would have needed at least 2 coats of the base color which in my case was black.

Step 2: Getting It Glittery

Once the mask has dried, use antique Gold or Bronze undiluted- in brisk strokes as in dry brushing over the sculpture. All the prominent features of the relief will catch on the gold/ bronze leaving he deeper features black or darker.

Step 3:

Next I applied a layer of Varnish from the inside as well as outside of the mask since iI was using Paper mache and varnish would make it kind of water proof.

TADA!!!! Your Antique bronze Relief is ready to pep up the wall.

And very true to the words 'All that glitters is not gold'

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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