Introduction: Feather Tail Flash Surf Candy

About: I am an avid fly fisherman, and started a fly fishing channel where I tie flies and video myself fishing.

This fly is built on the surf candy style fly that was originated by Bob Popovics. Using a few other materials and adding a tail from a chicken hackle feather I feel really adds to this fly. The flashy "starburst dubbing" made by fly tiers dungeon is awesome stuff for flashy flies. This fly will catch the attention of many fish, but its clear body will really help keep it looking subtle and realistic when a fish goes to take a bite. It moves just like a small fry, and can mimic many small baitfish like glass minnows, smelt, and even sand eels when tied a bit longer.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 2
Thread: UTC 70 - Olive/Yellow
Tail: Streamer Hackle Feather - Olive
Clear Fiber: Unique Hair - Olive and White
Flashy Fiber: Starburst dubbing - Olive and Black
Eyes: 3D Eyes - Silver, 4MM
Eye Adhesive: Fletch Tite
UV Resin: Solares - Thin, Thick and Bone Dry Formula's