Introduction: Feeding the Cat

When she is hungry, she will mount the treat seat. Whether she does this upon your arrival really just depends on if she's up and hungry or napping somewhere. If you call her, make food prep noises and whatnot, she will likely appear and hop up on the stool.

Step 1: The Treats

Crumble-up one or two pieces of dehydrated chicken and place in a small stainless steel bowl. Add pill #1 (a quartered pill) and pill #2 (whole). Optionally, you may wish to top with bonito flakes. Usually this is unnecessary, but can be helpful if she's eating around her pills.

Step 2: Their Consumption

She should go to town on the bowl and consume its contents. Immediately thereafter, she will leap down and survey her food and water, expectantly. If there is leftover food in her dish from the previous meal (and there may well be) throw it out. It is no longer appealing.

Step 3: Confirmation

Make certain that she has actually eaten her pills! Sometimes she manages to avoid or spit out the small white one. If it is left behind, add more chicken, bonito and other tasty delivery media and try again.

Step 4: The Food

The cat only eats Friskies Indoor Homestyle Turkey Dinner (it's a rider on her spokescat contract). You will find a supply of cans below the range. Initially, there should be a half-used can in the fridge, however. Serve her half a can for each meal. It doesn't need heating. When you have half a can left, it may be capped with a silicone paw lid and refrigerated until the next mealtime.

Step 5: The Finale

She will eat. While she is eating, if you have not already done so, you may empty and refill her water bowl from the tap. When she finishes eating, she will probably yowl a bit. She seems to like to proclaim afterwards. Do not be alarmed. Success!