Introduction: Felt Easter Basket for Pets!

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I made an Easter basket for my cute little rat, Sargent Pepper, and I'm going to show you how to make one for your pet! This is good for small pets, like rats and guinea pigs, and also for bigger pets, like dogs and cats!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You will need:*Felt (I used three different sheets, green for the bottom and yellow and a ladybug pattern for the sides)*Hot glue (you can use a sewing machine for the sides, but the bottom may be more difficult to attach with a sewing machine)*A ruler*Scissors*Paper grass, not the plastic kind*Snacks*Your pet! (I suppose you could make these for babies and small kids, too!)

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing the Body of the Basket

I didn't have a full sheet of the yellow, so I cut everything to fit what I had.It ended up being 10 1/2 inches by 5 1/4. When deciding how to cut yours, just remember that it should be wide and short (landscape, not portrait), so try putting the ends together and rolling it into a bucket-like shape to measure. You will need two sheets for the body of the basket.After you have your two identical rectangles, put one on top of the other, patterns facing inwards, so that after the ends are glued together, it will be inside out. If you have two patterned sheets, the pattern should be facing each other. Fold in half "hamburger" style, keeping edges aligned.Use your ruler to make a diagonal line from one of the corners on the open edge, like I did in the photo.You can use a fabric marker to draw the line, then cut along the line. I just cut without drawing the line.Like I said before, you can use a sewing machine or even hand stitch the part together, but I used hot glue.Making sure that the patterned sides are facing each other and the non-patterned sides are facing out, glue in between the layers of felt along the diagonal sides. When you turn it inside out, the patterns should be on the outside and it should be a tube-shape with one opening smaller than the other.I glued the seams down flat on the inside (shown in last picture).

Step 3: Bottom of Basket and the Handle

Cut out a circle that is bigger than the bottom of your basket (the smaller opening).

Put some hot glue around the inside of the bottom of your basket, just a few inches of it at a time, and lay your circle inside the basket. I did this a small amount at a time and held the basket upside down during this step, pressing the edges of the circle into the hot glue from inside the basket, and the bottom of the basket to the bottom of the circle from the outside.

Cut a strip of felt with the thickness and length that you want your handle.
Glue to the outside or inside where your seams are. This will help keep it even, and will keep the seam from being on the front of your basket.

Step 4: Fill Your Basket!

Fill your basket with paper grass. I wouldn't use the plastic kind for pets, especially small pets.

Add snacks that are appropriate for your pet. I used Frito's because Sgt. Pepper loves them . :D

Add your pet! Pepper dug her way to the bottom and peaked her little nose up, then she tried to explore the cluttered table! She loves the paper grass! She chewed on it a little, sniffed around, dug in it, and had lots of fun in her new basket!

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