Introduction: Paint on Pants? Put More!

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Have you ever accidentally dripped or splattered paint on your pants?

Unfortunately, I get lots of paint on my pants, and my favorite pair of red pants are splattered with black, white, and orange paint! OH NO!

So how did I decide to make my pants look less like a pair of home-improvement disaster pants?

I put more paint on them! I know it sounds like I just made the problem worse, but I love my new rainbow pants!

Here's what you need:

*Acrylic Paint of the colors you want

*Something to put paint on for mixing (I just use a plate that doesn't match the other plates, even though it washes off)

*Cup of water to clean brushes when switching colors

*A brush

*A pair of pants that you want to paint

Step 1: Paint

I decided to do a rainbow. Paint the pants from seam to seam on the front of the pants. It may be easier to put them on and mark off above the knee. The pants can be a little stiff the first few times you wear them. I painted below the knee, and it would have been more comfortable if I hadn't. After they are washed a few times, they aren't uncomfortable.

You can have random colors, all one color, or anything you want. Just remember the color wheel.

In the color wheel above, it shows the primary colors (with each corner of the triangle, red, yellow, and blue) and the complementary colors, or colors that are the brightest next to each other, (with each line from one color to the other)

Colors that mix well are:

*Green and blue

*Yellow and Green

*Blue and yellow (to make green)

*Yellow and orange

*Orange and red

*Yellow and red (to make orange)

*Red and purple

*Purple and blue

*Red and blue (to make purple)

Colors that go well next to each other without mixing (I'd recommend letting one color dry completely, then adding the second color) or Complementary colors:

*Red and green

*Blue and orange

*Yellow and purple

(If they mix, they make brown)

Step 2: Dry, Wash, Wear

Let them dry in a place that the paint won't wipe off onto another area of the pants or onto anything else.

I let mine dry overnight.

Wash and dry like normal. You can even throw them in with other clothes, as long as the paint is dry.

Wear them! The more you wear them, the less stiff they will be. The paint will give way to your natural movements.

Now you have an awesome pair of pants!