Felt Hibiscus

Introduction: Felt Hibiscus

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Love plants but can’t remember to water them? Well I’ve got an easy and fun solution for you! Felt plants are simple and quick to make, either for just simple decoration or for a quick gift idea. I’ve seen quite a few people do this before but always thought it would be time consuming or difficult, when in reality the process is far easier than how the final product makes it look. I hope you find these projects just as easy and fun!

Step 1: Cutouts

Cut out squares/rectangles with the measurements shown in the picture. Cut out about 5-8 green squares, and 5 of the pink rectangles. One of each for the smaller rectangles.

Step 2: Wire

Take your wire and create a shape that you’d like for the stem, it can be a single wire or multiples, as seen in the picture. Then wrap the wire with your flower tape.

Step 3: Petals

Cut your pink rectangles into pedal shapes, start trimming the corners then rounding out the top. Then stretch and wrinkle the rounded parts at the top.

Step 4: Chalk

After wrinkling the tops of the cut petals, take your piece of chalk and color the bottom parts of the petals, and the top of your small pink rectangles, and cut slits in the top of that and your long yellow rectangles. Then cut out leafs from the green squares, some single leafs, two with five leafs, and two with four.

Step 5: Gluing

Take the pink rectangle and wrap and glue it around your wire then do the same with the yellow but wrap it in a spiral this time. Then glue the corners of the petals together, then wrap and glue to stem.

Step 6: Leafs

Take the four leaf cut out and glue it under and to the bottom of the flower, then glue the five leaf cut out and glue it under that. Then to create a flower bloom, glue the corners of the other four leaf cut out together then glue the other five leaf cut out to the bottom of it and glue to the stem.

Step 7: All Finished!

Glue the single leaves you cut out to various parts of the stem, and then you’re done!

About the Creator:
Hi! I’m Ali and I work at EXLAB as a student assistant! I like making things out of interesting and easy to access materials. I think making things should be easy and fun, and believe anyone can make cool things if they put their minds to it! I hope my instructables inspire some awesome makes!

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