Introduction: Felt Lavender

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Love plants but can’t remember to water them? Well I’ve got an easy and fun solution for you! Felt plants are simple and quick to make, either for just simple decoration or for a quick gift idea. I’ve seen quite a few people do this before but always thought it would be time consuming or difficult, when in reality the process is far easier than how the final product makes it look. I hope you find these projects just as easy and fun!




Hot glue

Flower tape


Step 1: Measurements

Cut out 3 x 3 in squares of light purple and dark purple felt

Step 2: Cut Outs

Cut all the felt squares into five petal flower shapes, then cut holes in the center of each.

Step 3: Stems

Wrap cut wires with flower tape, wire length is up to your discretion as it's dependent on how long you’d like your flower stems to be. Keep in mind that around half the wire will have flower petals on it.

Step 4: Petal Placement

Time to glue the flowers down, first layer two light flowers under a single dark flower cut. Then take the dark cut out and fold each petal in half gluing it, then glue all four petals towards the center.

Step 5: Gluing

Now glue the first layer of light colored petals folded up to the dark colored petals, and glue the last layer to the bottom. Repeat this until reaching the top.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Cut out a leaf shape with a thin strip at the end to wrap around the bottom of the flowers on the stem

Step 7: All Finished!

Once you’ve wrapped the leaf around you’re all finished!

About the Creator:

Hi! I’m Ali and I work at EXLAB as a student assistant! I like making things out of interesting and easy to access materials. I think making things should be easy and fun, and believe anyone can make cool things if they put their minds to it! I hope my instructables inspire some awesome makes!