Introduction: Felt Peacock Necklace

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Felt peacock necklace. This project is easy and no need to sew.Using glue I made this.

For this project what you need:

1) Felt (Different shade of blue and green felt and brown)

2) Velcro

3) Glue

Step 1: Necklace Base Making

At first, need to make the necklace base. So I cut the felt as shown in the pic. Actually, I cut two felt and then with glue stick togeather.And then add the velcro to the both side of the base as you can see in the pic.Velcro is easily openable. So it looking like a bib. And our base necklace is ready.

Step 2: Making Peacock Feather

I choose those felt color for making peacock feather.You can see the color shade. But I don't remember the color name. And all the felt from different stores.All the color is not easily available in one store.So as you can see in the pic that I cut different felt in the different shape.And one by one stick togeather with glue.Now you can see It looks like a peacock feather.And I made ten feathers.

Step 3: Final Step

In the final stage, you can see the pic our necklace base and all the peacock feathers are ready.

Now decorate the base necklace with the felt peacock feathers as shown in the pic.Using glue stick all the feather on the necklace base. And you are done. Your Felt peacock necklace is ready.

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