Introduction: How to Make 3D Human Eye Model: Easy Way

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How to make 3D human eye model:

Today I will show you an easy way how to make 3d human eye model.

This project is easy and simple. But kids need to be adult supervision. For this project, the materials we need are listed below.


1) Foam ball

2) Foam square

3) Foam sheet

4) Wooden stick

5) Googly eye

6) Toilet paper roll

7) Acrylic paints

8) Glue

Step 1: How to Make the Project

First, we will make the eyeball using a foam ball. Then we are going to paint the Iris using acrylic color. For painting Iris, I used (Color: Cool blue, Bright blue, Navy blue).

Then we need to color the Pupil using black acrylic paint. For making Cornea I used the googly eye. First, we need to cut the clear plastic part of the googly eye and then attach it to the iris area with glue. Then we will make Ciliary artery and, for that, we have to paint half of the foam ball using (Bright red) acrylic color For making Optic nerve we will use toilet paper roll. First, we will cut in half and we need to cut it half into horizontally then we will make a roll and attach it to the foam ball or eyeball. Then we will color it with white acrylic and yellow acrylic paint. Next is making Eye muscle, for that, we will use white foam sheet then we need to cut strip and color it with Bright red acrylic paint. Then we will attach it to the eye ball with glue. Last thing we need to make a stand for display. For that we are going to use that square foam and wooden stick. First, we will attach the wooden stick to the eye ball, then we will attach the whole eye ball and the stick to that square foam. We are done. And our 3D human Eye model is ready for display.

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