Female Lone Star Tick

Introduction: Female Lone Star Tick

Living on property surrounded by woods, we manage to attract quite a few of these critters each summer. This is another of my own crochet patterns. I start with pictures of my next creation and then develop the pattern by trial and error. The legs for the tick were made as rectangles and then crocheted together lengthwise over a length of cotton cording - so much easier than trying to crochet something so small in diameter in the round.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Where is the pattern ?



    6 years ago

    Good job!

    These creatures deserve the honour of being celebrated in art;

    they are amazingly successful.

    They are plentiful even here in western Canada

    (well, not the Lone Star species of course).

    I have to remove them every year

    from our animals and our kids,

    and sometimes from myself.

    Much as I admire their peculiar survival strategies,

    yours is realistic enough to give me a bit of a shudder...


    12 years ago on Introduction

     cute Sis, love it, although we have more of the seed ticks here in GA

    that came out really nice, but it gives me the CREEPY CRAWLIES!
    I've already pulled off like 10 ticks from the kids and pets, and it's only april 1st!.
    Next you should  crochet a tick remover, or a pair of tweezers. :)