Introduction: Female Marionette Puppet!

You'll need:
Styrofoam balls (various sizes)                                                    White Fabric (about a yard)
Fishing line (20 lb test 250 yards)                                                Sharpie
Hot glue gun and glue                                                                    Construction paper
Sewing machine and thread                                                         Popsicle sticks with hicks/ chunks out
Fabric for hair                                                                                   Random fabric for a dress
Fabric for hat                                                                                    Paper bag to protect table
Fiberfill stuffing                                                                                Chopstick

Make pattern for body, cut out (you can use mine)
Place pattern on white fabric (fold fabric in half first), pin, and cut out. Double pin on side
Take pattern off. Pin the two pieces of white body together, sew around edges 2/8" straight stitch. Sew from double pin to other double pin.

Step 1: Construct the Body!

Flip the doll so the seam is inside, by using the hole that wasn't sewn. Once done with that use the chopstick to help stuff the legs up to the knees. When the leg is stuffed to the knee, sew a line across the top where the stuffing stops.
Fill the rest of the leg until you reach the the top of the leg where it connects to the torso, sew a line across it.
Fill the arms up to the elbows and then sew a line. Fill the rest of the arms, stop at the shoulder and sew a line.
Fill the neck and rest of the torso (you'll want it to be about the same kind of stiffness as the rest of the body)
Sew the torso's side shut.

Step 2: Make the Head and Breasts.

Time to heat up the glue gun.

Attach a Styrofoam ball that matches proportions with the body with hot glue. My Styrofoam ball was kind of small but it was the only Styrofoam ball size I had.

You'll also need the hair and hat fabric now.
Make hair as you glue it on.
If you want a hat make it but don't attach it yet.
You make the hat by cutting out a circle of fabric and then make a cylindrical tube with a rectangle of fabric. Cut out another circle and glue it onto the top of the tube you attached to the other circle. If the top circle is too big trim it.

Take extra white fabric and roll it up. Next roll the fabric roll, so that it looks like the picture. 
Glue it closed then glue it to the torso. Do this for the other one too.
The breasts may end up slightly squared.

Step 3: Make Dress and Put It On!

Unplug the glue gun.

Make a dress pattern on construction paper. Make it wider than your body pattern so that it fits around the stuffed body.

Pin the pattern to fabric that is folded in half. Cut out the pieces of the dress.
Sew the sides of the dress up to the part where it tees outward.
Sew up the side edges of the tee.
Flip the dress so the seams are inside.

Pull the dress onto the puppet.

Step 4: Constructing the String Holder and Attaching the Strings and Hat!

Plug the glue gun back in and let heat up.

Take 2 Popsicle sticks with hicks/chunks out of them.
Glue the sticks together in the middle. 

Cut 7 pieces of fishing wire
2 for each leg, 1 for the ankle and 1 for the knee. 1 for each arm and 1 for the head
Choose your measurements based on the based on the size of your doll and how long you want the pieces to be.
Tie the leg and arms wires on.
For the head you have to glue the fishing line on top of the head. Then you have to glue the hat on top of the wire spot.
Attach the other ends of the wires to the Popsicle sticks. Try to get the wires to mirror image the others (by slot in the stick)

Lastly add a face with Sharpie and you'll be done!!!
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