Introduction: Festive Votive Candle Holder

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This cute little house provides a wonderful display when filled with a votive candle. They make a wonderful display on top of a fireplace mantle or you can use them as a decorative centrepiece for the festive table, or let them add atmosphere to your holiday decor.


1 of 190 x 190mm 12mm MDF - front

3 of 110 x 160mm 12mm MDF - sides

1 of 160 x 184mm 12mm MDF - base

Ponal wood glue Wood filler

120-grit sandpaper

Acrylic craft paint (red, cream and black), paintbrush and paint tray

2 eye hooks

Medium wire for handle


Jigsaw, mitre saw, Dremel DSM-20 or Multi-Max and saw blade

Dremel Multi-Max and cutting accessories (MMM450 / MM470 + Sanding pad)

Dremel MultiTool and 9910 cutter

Drill / Driver plus 8mm wood bit

Pliers for bending wire

Tape measure and pencil

Step 1: Cut Out Shapes

1. Measure and mark 110mm from the bottom of the front on both sides. Mark the centre point and cut away the diagonals to create the roof shape.

2. Draw a line 16mm in from the sides to cut out the sharp angle for the roof. Cut out using a Dremel Multi-Max and saw blade. You can also use a jigsaw to cut out this section.

3. Divide the front into quarters and measure and mark for cutting out the windows with a Dremel Multi-Max and cut blade. Put the project on a piece of pine or softwood to protect your work surface.

4. The cutting may look a bit messy at this stage, but this is easily sorted.
5. Fill in any cuts marks with a small amount of wood filler.

6. In the roof section draw out a heart shape and use an 8mm wood bit to drill holes to make it easier to shape.

7. Use a Dremel MultiTool and cutter to cut out the remaining heart shape.

Step 2: Assemble the House

8. Glue the sides onto the rear of the front with wood glue.

9. Attach the back section in the same way.

10. Glue the base onto the completed frame.

Step 3: Finishing


To paint for a faux wood finish pour a liberal amount of cream paint into the paint tray. Dip the tip of the brush into the red and black and wipe through the cream paint. Don't mix up too much, you want to create a streaky effect when applying the paint onto the MDF.

Screw eye hooks in both side sections for mounting a wire handle and adorn with a pretty ribbon.

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