Introduction: Fibre Laser Engraving - Carbon Steel Chefs Knife

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This is my Video Instructable showing a Fibre Laser engraving a Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife.

I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Knife Pre-Engraving

I happen to know my local knife maker really well, they're wonderful guys (and a girl) in Derbyshire, UK who make fantastic hand made carbon steel knives

Carbon Steel is a substance that offers amazing strength even when in a thin state. You do have to look after it as you would cast iron, washing it and treating it on occasion as it can rust. But for all of that you gain an amazing cutting tool.

Anyway, I wanted to get my Food-D logo engraved and that's when they told me about the new Fibre Laser. The next step is a video showing the process so click the Play button to view in it's entirely.

Step 2: Laser Engraving Process - Video

Take a look at the video guys, would love to hear your thoughts.

Step 3: Youtube Request

On to a very important ask.

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