Introduction: Fiery Bacon Explosion!

It is father’s day.  Your poor father is a man, but only gets one day to celebrate.  Sure, on every other day he wants a Bacon Explosion, but we all know this will not be allowed.  Only on Father’s day can he get away with such an extreme meat extravaganza.  Of course, this is not just any father.  This is your father.  A normal Bacon Explosion would do for any other father.  It would not do for yours.  Your father deserves the level 11 of meat dishes.  He deserves the Fiery Bacon Explosion!

This dish is both easy to make and extremely delicious.  With about 20 minutes prep time, and a highly distracted mom, you can make the ultimate in man-food for your father on Father’s day.  Do you really think that a tie or card will do?

Step 1: Ingredients

1.5 pounds of slab bacon
2 pounds of Italian sausage
1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese
half a pound of andouille sausage
1 part salt
1 part pepper
1 part paprika
(optional) cayenne pepper
(optional) minced jalapeno
barbeque sauce


plastic wrap
cookie sheet (with raised edges)
shaker with the previous seasonings

Step 2: Weave Bacon

Ah... the bacon.  What makes this dish is the chainmail made of pork that surrounds it.  Simply start by laying out strips of bacon vertically side-by-side the width of a strip of bacon horizontally.  See the video, as it is hard to explain this in detail while one’s mind is clouded with the smoky call of a pound and a half of bacon.  It is important to weave your bacon on a sheet of plastic wrap, as this will help in rolling the Explosion in about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Add Sausage

There are two really important steps here.  The first is to load two pounds of a spicy Italian pork sausage into a gallon zip-lock bag to ensure that you get a uniform square.  Once you pound it down to a perfectly uniform square, simply cut the seams of the bag to remove the square of meat, and place it onto the bacon weave.  Secondly, and as important, tell your mom that it is turkey, or tofu, or something equally worthless.  It may be Father’s day, but Mom will still be Mom, and will not be able to handle the amount of pure pork pleasure that is the Fiery Bacon Explosion.

Step 4: Cheese

We really recommend spreading a cup of shredded parmesan cheese on top of the sausage at this point.  You don’t have to do this.  Of course, you don’t have to breathe.  We really recommend you do both.

Step 5: Andouille Sausage

The original Bacon Explosion recipe calls for bacon as the filler.  While bacon is great, it is simply not good enough for your dad.  Instead, a half-pound of Andouille sausage cut into small chucks is needed.  If you cannot find  this spicy Cajun treat, you could substitute some other sort of good sausage and a diced jalapeño pepper.  Of course, your father could switch his favorite team for the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens, but we know that is not quite the same thing, don’t we.

Step 6: Roll

Here is the deal.  You can do this the hard way like everyone else, or you can completely take our shortcut.  Dad will never know, or will at least respect your slack if he finds out.  Using the plastic wrap, roll one side half way.  Now roll the other up to meet the first.  Not only is this easier than trying to roll from one side to the other, as in those lessor recipes, but this technique will ensure that your filling stays in the middle instead of falling out onto your counter.  Trust us, this is the way to go.  If you really want to do more work, you can interweave the bacon ends, but this would just be showing off.

Step 7: Place on Cookie Sheet

Take your roll and place it onto an ungreased cookie sheet (yes, you need to have raised edges to contain juices) with the seam side down.  Remove the plastic wrap.  Duh.

Step 8: Season

The key to this step is to wash your hands before you grab your shaker full of seasoning.  If you don’t you will be washing your shaker full of seasoning.

Step 9: Cook

1. Preheat your oven to 225° F
2. Brush on BBQ Sauce @ 2 ½ hours
3. Cook to 165° F internal* (Roughly half an hour)

*If you do not have a meat thermometer, go to the store and get one.  You really need one to get through life.

Step 10: Done

Now slice 3/8th of an inch thick.*
Then drizzle with BBQ sauce.**

*We have tried slicing all sorts of thicknesses.  All are good.  This one is best.
**The chances are that your father wants a spicier BBQ sauce than your mother.  If you truly love both of them, you will have the right sauce for each.  After all, if your mother does not love this thing and finds out how much pork is in it, all is lost.  If you end up getting your father in trouble because you cheap out by not getting both your father’s and mother’s favorite sauce, you are an epic fail, and all your base are belong to us.