Introduction: Fiesta San Antonio Medals (4th Grade)

Full Lesson Plan is attached.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to use Tinkercad

to design and create a personalized Fiesta medal.

Grade: 4th

TEK: Soc 4.19B Identify customs, celebrations and traditions of various cultural, regional and local groups in Texas such as Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, the Strawberry Festival and Fiesta San Antonio.

Background: In San Antonio, students are given the day off of school to participate in Fiesta San Antonio activities. The Fiesta San Antonio celebration began as a way to remember the men and women who helped win freedom for Texas. The first Battle of Flowers parade in 1891 began with horse drawn carts around Alamo Plaza where women threw real flowers at each other. Since then there have been many traditions that have come to represent Fiesta. The designing and collection of Fiesta medals is one such tradition.


3D Printer, colored Sharpies, ribbon

Step 1: Discuss Symbolism


Provide concrete examples of knights' shields, emojis, flags and colors, etc.

Step 2: Sketch Personalized Medal

Students will design and sketch out a personalized medal using symbols to represent themselves and their interests.

Step 3: Tinkercad Training

Provide basic instruction on using Tinkercad.

Step 4: Design With Tinkercad

Discuss expectations and parameters (dimensions, thickness, ring for ribbon). Students will use sketch to design their personal medal on Tinkercad. The printed medals will be colored with colored Sharpies and ribbons will be attached..

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