Introduction: Fig Honey Milkshake

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This milkshake is very easy to make and has more nutrition in it.( can be done in 5 mins).

This is very tasty so children will like it.

Instead taking junk snacks at evenings we can substitute with this healthy tasty drink.

Now lets see how to prepare it.

Step 1: Things Needed:




4)Cashew Nut


6)Chocolate/caramel Syrup


Step 2: How to Make It??

1) Add Fig (5 pieces of dry fig), honey (3 table spoon), cane sugar(1 tea spoon), milk (3/4 cup) in a blender.

2) Blend it for 2 mins.( or till no granules left).

Step 3: How to Present It???

1) Give a inside coating for the glass using caramel/chocolate syrup.

2)Pour the milkshake into the Glass.

3)Blend 1/4 cup milk and pour it into the glass to form a white layer.

4)Add Cashew nuts as topping and chill it before serving

Step 4: Benefits:

1)Fig and Honey Milkshake is very good for kids.

2) Fig is rich in calcium and fiber

3) Honey is rich in vitamin c

Hence this healthy drink can be taken as evening snack.

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