Filled Cucumber Rounds

Introduction: Filled Cucumber Rounds

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In the series 'Apple Corer Fun' herewith a second alternative approach using this tool: these Filled Cucumber Rounds are an original side dish or a healthy birthday treat. Really easy to prepare, also by children. In an earlier Instructable an apple corer was used to prepare Watermelon Sticks (CC BY Openproducts, 28 August 2013).

Best results are obtained when applying two apple corers of slightly different diameters: when using only a single apple corer the inner cylinders fit too loosely into the outer rings. The widest apple corer should be used for the filling (the resulting cylinder diameter will correspond to the inside measure of the apple corer), the narrowest should be used for the outer rounds (the hole diameter will correspond to the outside measure of the apple corer). Doing so the tight tolerance will result in a firm snack.

In this example a cucumber was filled with goat cheese, but alternative combinations will work out fine as well. In Step 1 cucumber is filled with watermelon.

In any case, make sure to use all cut-off food in a different dish, for example in a salad. Apropos food waste: in the city of Rotterdam an excellent initiative has been launched to ban food spoiling: Kromkommer (website in Dutch only, freely translated as 'curvedcumber'). This company uses rejected grocery (based on their looks: too much bent, too big or too small but otherwise in perfect condition) for commercializing into their soups.

Step 1 in this Instructable suggests a vegan alternative of the Filled Cucumber Rounds, Step 2 dives into the 'Making Of' this Instructable and finally Step 3 explains the CC BY license of this Instructable.

Step 1: Vegan Cucumber Rounds

The picture above shows a vegan side dish: cucumber filled with watermelon. Many other combinations are possible, I bet that carrot slices make perfect rounds as well... Feel free to post the combinations you made yourself!

The next step shows the 'Making Of' this Instructable.

Step 2: The Making of This Instructable

The organic cucumber was produced locally and in the summer season (avoiding fossil fuel use in greenhouses or extra food mileage). The organic goat cheese was produced in a small local goat farm. The wooden plank was purchased in a local woodworking workshop. The provenance of the organic watermelon is not known. The second apple corer was borrowed.

In the pictures it can be seen that the cucumber/cheese rounds were made with a single apple corer (thus a loose fit). The cucumber/watermelon rounds were made with two slightly different apple corers, resulting in a perfect fit.

To make a simple time-lapse film a number of pictures were bundled in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Although animated gifs are not today's standard they have two advantages: firstly they may show as a movie in the introduction picture at the Instructable's overview pages (and other media like and and secondly they don't require plugins. An important disadvantage lies in the few colors that are possible (256) and the fact that the file size is relatively large. The animated gifs in this Instructable were created using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP, open source software,, version 2.8.10) based on a series of photographs:

  1. 'File' > 'Open as Layers' > [select all pictures];
  2. 'File' > 'Export As' > [filename.gif] > tick 'As animation'.

The next step elaborates on the CC BY license under which this Instructable has been released.

Step 3: License

This Instructable is being made available through a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Republishing this Instructable is allowed, provided it is being attributed properly (cite the name openproducts, link to,, or the original Instructable. For other arrangements send a Private Message through the instructables member page (

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    8 years ago

    My aunt has been doing this to veggies and filling them with cream cheese for years. Its her go to dish for family functions, easy to make, fast to make, great taste, and pretty much everybody will eat something off the platter.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks neo71665 for sharing. I expect that your aunt used the apple corer to make a wide opening in the vegetables, just like atepinkrose shows in her Instructable (see Step 1). The Filled Cucumber Rounds differ from this approach in two ways: a.) the filling is a solid substance (here goat cheese or watermelon) instead of a (viscous) liquid (the cream cheese you mention) which means that it doesn’t mess, and b.) an engineer’s approach is used to match both food products in a ‘press fit’.

    Fikjast Scott

    what a great food idea. You have open my eyes to other food combinations.