Introduction: Final Project Step 5 Creating a Layout/Drawing Package

This is an opportunity to show what you know about Inventor. This is not intended to be a fully detailed instruction but more of a road map to get you started a give some direction. This is part 5 of a 6 part project. Please see the attached file for details.

Step 1: Crate a New Layout .dwg

Select "English" and then select the "ANSI(in).dwg" Template

Step 2: Change Sheet Size

Right click on Sheet1 and select edit to allow you to change sheet size and orientation.

Step 3: Change to a Size

Change to A size paper which is 8.5" x 11" standard paper.

Step 4: Delete the Title Block

Right click on the title block for Sheet1 and select delete to remove the existing title block. The existing title block is far too large for the smaller sheet of paper.

Step 5: Insert a New Title Block

Expand the "Drawing Resources" folder in the browser. Expand the "Title Blocks" folder in the browser. Right click the "ANSI A" title block and select insert. This will insert the title block you have selected in the active sheet.

Step 6: Apply Text to Title Block

Select the "annotations" tab from the top of the screen. Select "Text" to create new text on the layout. Select an area in the title portion of the title block and a menu will pop up as shown. Populate the field with the desired text and select "OK". Once completed you can drag the text into an appropriate destination if required.

Step 7: Place Views for Annotations

Select the "Place Views" tab and select "Base". Select the browse button, as shown, to locate the .ipt, .iam, or .ipn you wish to place for annotation. Once you have found the object you wish to place move your cursor outside the menu to the paper space and you will see a preview of the placement. Modify the scale, and orientation as required and select "OK". Once completed you can drag your view to a location desired and perform further view projections, sections, and annotations. These strategies will be covered in the final step instructable.

Step 8: Create a New Sheet

Right click on the topmost item of the browser and select "New Sheet". You may have as many sheets as you wish to clearly detail your package. You do not want to under utilize the paper space either. Try to use the paper space effectively.

Step 9: Repeat Step As Required

Repeat the steps as required as many times needed.

Step 10: Create More Sheets

Repeat the steps as required as many times needed. You can create as many sheets as you need following the previous steps. You are now ready for step 6, Drawing Annotations and Details.