Introduction: Finger Knitting

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need yarn , scissors , and simply your fingers .

Step 2: Securing the Yarn

To do this step you will need to knot the end of the strand to where u can put your thumb threw it do not make it to tight you will want to untie the knot once u finish , make sure the strand of yarn is facing you .

Step 3: Learning the Pattern

After that simply go in behind your index finger in front of your middle finger behind your ring finger and in front of your pinky . repeat this proves four times until there is atleast two loops around every finger not including you thumb

Step 4: Now for the Knitting

Take the bottom string of your finger and pull it over your finger , do this for every finger

Step 5:

Continue the patter of over and under and pulling the bottom sting over your finger , you will notice that it is getting longer and longer make sure to pull it invade of loose strands

Step 6: Finishing It

You can make it as long as you want I like to make scarfs , once you finish pull a little of the yarn and cut it untie the knot on your thumb , now tie the two stands together do one knot and pull the strands so the ends will come together as if it was connected together now once it looks like it is connected you may do the second not and cut the extra yarn if you wish , remember this is for making a scarf but you may do what you wish with it