Pocket Slingshot

Introduction: Pocket Slingshot

Hi this is my first instructable. This slingshot shoots pretty far with small pebbles and bb's and can cause injuries.

Step 1:

The materials you need:
1. 2x RubberBands
2. 1 pouch thats like 2-3 cm
3. glue or double-sided tape ( if you have ducttape forget about 2. and 3.)

Step 2:

First loop the two rubber bands like this.

Step 3:

take your pouch and fold it in half. then put the tape on the inside like a sandwich.

Step 4:

Remove the cover on the tape.

Step 5:

And finally put the knot from the looped rubber bands in the middle of the tape and you're finished.
i'm not responsible for what you do with this. 

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