Introduction: Finger Taping in 5 Minutes

Getting a sprained or injured finger maybe from sports or strenuous activities is painful and needs to be cared for. Taping fingers is a useful and simple method for treating these types of injuries. Buddy taping or splint taping is commonly practiced by healthcare professionals but can also be easily done at home by anyone. When executed properly, taping fingers helps provide the support and protection needed to heal or until you can see a doctor. But if any bones or tendons are visible, this treatment is not for you and immediate medical attention should be the next plan of action.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  1. Popsicle stick
  2. Gauze
  3. Athletic tape
  4. Sports wrap
  5. Alcohol wipe
  6. Scissors

Step 2: Identify Injured Finger

  • Choose a neighboring finger that is similar in size which will serve as addition support to the injured finger.

Step 3: Clean Fingers

  • Wipe off the injured finger and the neighboring finger lightly with an alcohol wipe for sanitation purposes.

Step 4: Prepare Popsicle Stick

  • Cut or snap the popsicle stick about the length of the fingers being taped.
  • Cut a 4 inch piece of gauze.

Step 5: Wrap the Popsicle Stick in Gauze

  • Place the gauze on the table in a single layer.
  • Place the popsicle stick lengthwise and centered within the gauze.
  • Continue folding the gauze to evenly cover the stick which will support the injured finger.

Step 6: Insert Popsicle Stick Between Injured and Neighboring Finger

  • Use caution throughout the following steps. Handling an injured finger will most likely cause pain.
  • Make sure the wrap is in contact with the skin without any exposed wood to avoid any added discomfort.

  • Place the support stick in between the injured finger and the neighboring finger.

Step 7: Wrap the Fingers With Sports Wrap

  • Cut 4 inches of sports wrap.
  • Starting from the base of the fingers, wrap the two fingers and the support stick snugly but not to tight to ensure proper circulation.

Step 8: Prepare Athletic Tape

  • Cut 4 inches of athletic tape
  • Tear vertically in half as shown in picture

Step 9: Wrap Lightly With Athletic Tape

  • Take one strip of athletic tape which was torn in previous step and tape the base of the fingers again.
  • Use the second strip of tape and wrap it around the center knuckles of the fingers as this restricts movement and helps with healing.

Step 10: Repeat Daily to Maintain Hygiene

  • If no improvements are seen in the following days, please make sure to contact a doctor to make sure finger heals properly.