Introduction: Fingerdrum


As you can see we made a fingerdrum. I will explain step by step how you have to proceed.

We used as material mdf. The thickness is very important of the sheet for your construction when you are about to use the lasercut.

First of all make a file in illustrator. This is the most easiest way. You can chose how your drum will look like. Draw your parts. If you make slips and cuts somewhere, make sure it is as thick as your sheet of mdf is. Use your fullest imagination.

If you drew it, then you are ready for the lasercutter. Follow the instructions on the lasercut for a successful result.

In the meanwhile you can search for some drumsounds. This is the link where I found mine. If you download this, you have a 1000 drum samples:

When the lasercutter is done, take the pieces easily out of your mdf sheet.

Now it is time to program you drum samples. Write a program with as many contacts( drums) as you want. Program them with the drum samples you chose and connect it to you drum design with wires.

And now it is showtime. Put your volume as loud as possible en let yourself go.

May the music sounds well,

and have fun.

Greetz, The Fingerdrum Team

Femke Van de Werf, Elke Castro & Tessa Borrenberghs