Introduction: Fingerprint Locker With Arduino

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Hi, In this article We are going to make Security Locker which work on bio-metric Fingerprint pattern.
Hope You enjoy making it. #how #to #Fingerprint #Locker

Step 1: Required Materials

You will need :

Solenoid Lock
Finger Print Senso
Arduino Uno R3
Power Adapter 12 V

Step 2: Create a Box With Wood

Take a wooden sheet and cut it and make a box for the locker or you can use an existing box as well.

Step 3: Make Place for Sensors & Lock

In step three we need to create a place for fingerprint sensor and solenoid lock. I made an hole to place fingerprint sensor in place in the wooden box.

Step 4: Place All Components in Place

Arrange All the Component in Place and Make an hole for Power Input.

Step 5: Wiring & Circuit Setup (Circuit Diagram)

Wire All the component together according to circuit diagram.

Step 6: Programming

Now Program Arduino with the given codes.

If you face some problem while downloading codes please leave a comment..

Step 7: Ready to Use

Now the safe lock is ready to use.

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