Introduction: Fire Cake (cheap Fire Starter)

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This is a easy to make cheap fire starter that is safe and you should have everything you need at home. It will start a fire and last awhile. All you need is flour and lighter fluid, you can also use gas but I don't recommend it. If you get hurt its not on me...

Step 1: Flour

What you will need:
1. Flour
2. Lighter Fluid
3. Zip Lock Bag
4. Cup, Plate, or something to put mix in.

1. First, get one cup of flour and put it in a zip lock bag.

Step 2: Fluid Mix

2. Add lighter fluid to the cup of flour until it is like cake batter or how you like it. (If a bigger amount is needed then add more of both.)

TIP: Move bag in your hands to mix, when mixing close bag and don't use a spoon.

Step 3: Pour & Dry

3. Now it's your choice on something, pour the mix in anything you want and let it dry. (I perfer a plastic cup.) It works best wet and right out of the cup, but is more portable dry. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry . (No longer then 5 minutes or it will not work without adding lighter fluid to the dry mix.)

TIP:  You can put gunpowder in it,  it  will help to start the fire.

Step 4: Light It Up

 4. Now pour it where you need it. Enjoy the heat and roast a wienie or two.

TIP: Roll over blackened mixture every 5 minutes or so to keep a good fire going.

TIP: This mixture can be used as a fire starter or a small fire by it self.