Introduction: Fit-to-pocket Flower Bouquet From Paper

Hello, world. How's life? I hope you are doing good :)

It's Quinzy again. In this instructable, I am going to show you how I made mini-sized flower bouquets. Graduation month is around the corner. I am planning on making graduation dolls (from a probiotic drink 'Y' packaging), that won't complete without a flower bouquet. Let's get started!


In this project, I used:

  • Color paper (70-75 gsm); for several flower type, I cut the paper into strips with 0.5 cm and 0.3 cm in width
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors; a small and fine-tipped
  • Cutting pen
  • Tweezers
  • PVAc glue
  • Double tape
  • Paper puncher; standard round shape and star shape (optional)
  • Brown post envelope, kite paper or colored plastic bag; for bouquet wrap

Step 1: The Stalk

To make the stalk, I used a 0.5 cm width paper strip and then roll it. No need to glue it. (Video 0:05)

Step 2: The Rose

Rose from a paper is quite common, but in mini size, it's a bit tricky. First, I cut the paper into circles using a paper puncher. Then I cut the circle into a spiral shape. After that, I rolled the spiral from the tip to make a rose, and last, I secured the rose by adding a little amount of glue on the circle of base. (Video 0:11)

Step 3: The Starflower

I cut the paper into a star shape using a paper puncher. Then I made a fringe using a 0.3 cm width paper strip. The strip was about 4-5 cm long. I cut the strip using fine-tipped scissors to make the fringe. Then I rolled a solid coil until the rest of the fringed paper strip with my fingers (you can use a needle/slotted quilling tool or even a toothpick) and then secure the end of the strip with glue. After that, I spread the fringes with my fingers, starting with the outer layer. Sometimes I had to press the center down so that the flower is flat at the base. Then glue the fringe down on the star. (Video 0:46)

Step 4: The Baby Breath-like

Initially, I wanted to make the baby breath flower, but it looked like that flower would be a little too tiny. So I modified it into this baby breath-like flower. I used a small piece of tissue paper then I rolled them to make pellets. Then I cut a paper into a long triangle shape. I added glue on the surface of that paper and then put it on the pellets so that the tissue pellets would stick on the surface of the triangle paper. (Video 1:04)

Step 5: The Calla Lily

To make the calla lily, I made a circle first, then I added a little glue on the surface of it. After that, I arranged the circle behind a twig and then folded the right side of the circle using tweezers. I continued to fold the left side of the circle and secure it with a little amount of glue. (Video 1:14)

Step 6: The Garbera Daisy

I made three circles using a paper punch then cut the edges of the circles. After that, I cut a smaller circle using scissors then stuck it on one of the regular circle. The circle order of this flower can be seen in the picture. I added a little amount of glue on the center-backside of the first circle, then stuck the second circle under the first one and also stuck the third circle under the second one. Then I spread or folded the edges of the circles to the center to make it a little bit in a bud-shape. Remember to apply glue only a little amount and right on the center, so that the edge can be spread or folded. (Video 1:43)

Step 7: The Lucky Star

I think this star is quite familiar to you. I used a 0.5 cm width 5 cm long paper strip. I started by creating a loop at one end of the paper strip. I tucked the short end inside to make a loose knot. I flatten the knot into a neat pentagon base shape. After that, I folded the end up along the flat edge. It should line up neatly with one side of the pentagon base. I repeated that step until it reached the end of the strip. I tucked the end under the strip of paper that wraps across the top of the pentagon base.

After the folding part, then I carefully used my main hand thumbnail to press the pentagon edge in, directly in the center of one side. I repeated this step on the four additional sides. (Video 1:55)

Step 8: The Leaves, Bouquet Wrapper and Flower Arrangement

I added some leave-like ornaments to the bouquet by cutting the paper using a cutting pen. It was a tricky part because I had to make the leaves small, need to be careful not to tear the paper. I suggest you use a very fine-tipped cutting pen.

For the bouquet wrapper, I used several materials such as a brown post envelope, a plastic bag, and also a kite paper. The first wrapper I cut a rectangle shape from the envelope (triangle shape works as well) then I rolled the rectangle up into a cone and secure with glue. Then I added glue on the bottom of the flower's stalk, arranged the flowers, and also add some leaves. (Video 2:21)

The other bouquet was quite simple. I arranged the flowers and glued the stalks. After that, I cut a rectangle shape then wrapped it around the flowers, then secured it with glue.

The purple wrapper was made from a plastic bag. I cut it into a 90° V shape. Then I rolled the tip of the V shape and tuck it on the other tip to make a cone-like shape and I tuck a strip of the double tape to secure it (Video 3:12)

Step 9: Final

Now the bouquets are ready to stick on the mini graduation doll. I prefer to stick them using a double tape than a PVAc glue because the surface of the doll is quite slick that the glue will dry slower on it.

Thank you so much for staying with me, see you in the next instructable.

Have a good day! :D

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