Introduction: Fitness Training Machine

I made this machine for people who are not good at fitness, like crunches, sit up, long jump, and run. This can help them do good posture every time they do. Therefore, they can know how many times they do. Many people are not good at doing fitness, so when they are testing, they may not exceed the standard. But if they have this machine, they can pass more easily.

Step 1: Preparing List

Here are the things that you need to prepare for this project:

1. 1x Arduino Leonardo
2. 1x BreadBoard

3. 12x Jumper Wire Male to Male

4. 1x LCD 12C display 16x2

5. 1x Ultrasonic Sensor

6. 1x Box

7. 1x Power Bank

8. 1x Pencil

9. 1x Ruler

10. 1x Cutting Mat

Step 2: Build the Arduino

Here is the step for building the Arduino

1. Install "Library" (Step 3)

2. Plug the LCD wires into positive, negative, SDA, SCL (Arduino board, breadboard, LCD must be plugged in)

3. Plug the sensor wires into positive, negative, D12-Echo, D13-Trig (Arduino board, breadboard, the sensor must be plugged in)

4. Plug two male-to-male wires into the "GND & 5V" of the Arduino board; the "positive and negative" of the breadboard

5. Plug the power bank into the breadboard (use two male-to-male cables + USB DuPont power cable)

6. Place the selected box on the cutting mat

7. Measure the length and width of the LCD and sensor with a pencil and ruler (details:

8. Adjust the angle, start cutting, remember not to cut too thick the first time (details:

9. Put the Arduino board, breadboard, sensor, LCD, cable, mobile power into the finished cut box

10. Close the box

Step 3: The Circuit

Before you upload your code, you also need to download the LiquidCrystal_I2C.h library. This is the library.

About the sensor, use "Esplora Built-In by Arduino.

How to download the libraries from the Arduino?

1. Open the Arduino APP

2. Click the Sketch

3. Click the Include Library

4. Click "Manage Libraries"

5. Search "Espora"

Here is the link to the code:

Step 4: How to Operate


1. Open the Power Bank

2. Lie down on a place

3. Put the box beside you, depends on the sensor distance

4. Do crunches, wait for a few minutes to let the sensor sensing

5. Continue step 4

6. Every time need to see how much do you do