Introduction: Security Box With Password Control

I use this sample to do my project. And I change some works, for example, the button to the servo. I make this security box because sometimes my family and I will lose some important things. Having this, my family and I won't struggle about losing the important things.

Step 1: Preparing List

For this project you will need:

  • 1x Arduino Leonardo
  • 1x Matrix Keypad 4x4
  • 17x Jumper Wires Male to Male
  • 1x Bread Board
  • 1x LCD 12C display 16x2
  • 1x Micro Arduino Servo Motor SG90
  • 1x Box
  • 1x Battery

Step 2: The Circuit


The procedure is:

1. Plug negative wire ( GND) and positive wire (5V)

2. Plug LCD displays' wire ( Be aware of the words on the back on the LCD displays)

3. Plug the keypad's wires ( make sure the wires are in D Pin )

4. Plug the servo's wires ( make sure the positive, negative's wire, and D Pin)

Step 3: Designing

Here is the procedure of the design:

1. Find a box that is fit for your design.

2. Cut the holes that fit the LCD, Keypad, doorknob, and the Servo.

3. If the open side of the box is too thin, then you need to find a thing that can let the box stronger when pressing the keypad.

4. Put the Breadboard, Arduino Leonardo, and the battery inside the box.

5. All the things should use tapes or acrylic foam tape to fix.

Step 4: How to Operate

1. Enter the password

- Correct: Opening

* Drop the important things into the box (key, money)

- Incorrect: Incorrect Code

* Try again until the code is correct