Introduction: Fitting a Big Hole Into a Small Hole

So, there we were, having walked for 4 days, we reached a wide river we couldn't across.
Luckily, we had a tool to fit a big hole into a small hole and this enabled us to float across.
This was a hole connector, which allows a bigger hole from the air inflation bag to fit into the smaller hole of the inflatable ring. Once the ring was inflated it was used to cross the river. A guy on the otherside with a boat then transported our packs across, all thanks to the following connector which allows a big hole to fit into a smaller hole.


Beverage can
Inflatable ring
Sleeping mat inflation bag
Duct tape


Step 1: Create a Small Sheet of Aluminum From a Beverage Can

Create a small sheet of aluminum by cutting off the ends of an aluminum beverage can with a snap off knife, last part of the cut, use a pair of scissors. Trim with the scissors so there are no jagged edges. Cut down the middle to make a sheet of aluminum.

Flatten by rolling against an edge e.g. of a table of fridge.

Cut out a shape which can be rolled into a small cone.

Step 2: Cone Connector

* To make the big hole to small hole connector, roll the piece of aluminum into a cone shape.
* Secure with duct tape.
* Cut the size of each end of the cone so a snuggle fit is achieved with the inflatable ring and inflation bag. This done by trimming with the scissors, a little bit at a time, untill a 'goldey locks' fit is achieved - not too much and not too little.
* Apply some duct tape around the edges to protect the inflation bag from being punched.
* your hole connector is now complete.

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