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Hello everyone. Some time ago, my little one came to me with sad face and broken push lock on her favourite document holder. She've asked to fix that, because she adore only this one. Option to buy a new one wasn't discussed. So, I've spent about 30 min in cad software and created a model of the push lock that was printed and installed instead of the broken one. New model of the push lock has some spacing to avoid situation with jammed fingers in the lock, like this happened with stock one.

I'm happy to share these models with you.


• 3D Printer with any filament

Step 1: Models to Print

I've created and printed these models of the push lock to fix the document holder. They designed to be printed with any kind of plastic, e.g. PETG or even with PLA

Step 2: Assembly and Installation

After all details printed, all that is required is to insert details into the holes in the document holder. After this cover the ping from inside with shims and melt the pins with some hot metal or soldering iron, like on the attached photo repeat this operation for both parts.

Step 3: Final Result…

In the end I got happy kid with her favourite thing.

Thank you for reading

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