Introduction: Fix My Clothesline Prop

So, I have a clothes drying line, when you hang clothes on it, it sags. I then manage to walk into it especially when wearing a baseball cap. Just don’t see it but I do feel it. Most of the time it simply rips the cap off my head. Sometimes large items are just hanging too low and touch the ground.

I bought a clothesline prop and one windy day it blew over from where it was standing and I had a clothesline prop with the top broken off, I had a pole. It was no use anymore until!!!!!!


1.5Ltr Cola Bottle
Sharp Large Knife
Broken Washing line prop, (A Pole)
Recycling Bin

Step 1: ​To Fix!

Take a 1.5 Litre Cola bottle.

Drink the contents, take your time as it may be gassy and use sugar free or all your teeth may rot out. OK, that last bit is your choice.

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Now, taking great care, cut off the top part of the bottle, place the cut off bit in the recycling. You now have a useless cola bottle but are halfway to having a working Clothesline Prop!

Step 3: Go to the Useless Pole"

Take the bottle with you to the "Pole"

Step 4: Turn Bottle and Useless Pole Into Working Clothesline Pole (Job Done!)

The top of the bottle is the bottom so take the bottle, turn it upside down and place it upon the top of the pole.

Job Done!

See the video of pole in use.