Introduction: Fix Wet Phone

Fix a phone with water damage


If the phone gets wet don't try to turn it on as this will cause the phone to short circuit and this will destroy the phone!!

Step 2: Take Device Apart As Much As You Can

Take out SIM card memory card battery and hand dry them all as good as you can

Step 3: Fill a Bag With Rice

Get a zip lock bag and fill with rice (NOT cooked)

Step 4: Put Phone/ Gadget in the Bag and Cover With the Rice

Put the phone and all the other parts of the phone and place in the middle of the rice

Step 5: Dry the Phone

Put bag with phone in hot press and leave it there for about 4 hours the longer the better. For this step you could also use a hair dryer instead of a hot press or both

Step 6: The Phone Work

Take the phone out of the bag and put it back together. Turn the phone on and it will work!! If it doesn't work the device is broken!

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