Introduction: Fix Your Bic Wite-Out Correction Tape Feed

My Bic Wite-Out had 'pulled,' so I had a loop of waste tape that was impeding my use of the product. It took me a bit of experimentation and 'sleeping on it,' but I finally got it fixed. This is not something I would enjoy doing again, but I am pleased not to have to toss so much unused tape. I've documented what I did for other obsessives like myself.

How it works:

The unused tape runs along the bottom of the guide unit up to the flat edge that contacts the paper when in use, deposits its white correction material goodness onto your error, and slides up over the flat edge of the guide unit, through *its* guides, and onto the used tape take-up reel.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1) Fine-motor coordination.

2) Patience.

3) A work surface in a wind-free setting.

4) Solid visualization of correct 'seating' of the tape. The material is squirrelly, so you may need multiple tries to get it seated properly.

Step 2: Photo, and Description of the Mechanism:

Inside the case:

You will find a single tape that moves off of one reel onto the other. The tape has a right side and a wrong side.

The *shiny* side of the Wite-Out tape passes around the 'outside' of the slant-sided pin. The *shiny* side of the tape must be in contact with that slanted side.

[The matte side of the tape is the sticky correction material that gets applied to your error. Getting the tape flipped will result in the correction material sticking to the pin, rather than to your paper.]

The used, clear waste-tape runs along the skinny straight-sided pin, on the *inside* -- the side facing the other pin.

The white plastic guide unit is asymmetrical, and seats 'curved side up, flat side down,' as pictured -- that's the only way it will go in -- so that, at least, is straightforward.

Step 3: One More Note About the Structure:

The Wite-Out reel sits on top of the used-tape take-up reel, on a blue disc much larger in diameter. It is pictured very clearly in this photo. Lift the disc to remove the Wite-Out reel.

Step 4: Seating the Tape. Read This Section Before Attempting. You Will Need to Focus and Be Patient. Work Over a Table.

This is all in one 'step' because you won't be able to navigate once you get started.

Carefully open the case along the seam.

Remove the white guide-unit from the case.

Carefully remove the tape from the white guide-unit.

Lift out the blue disc holding the reel of unused wite-out tape.

Wind up 'a bit too much' tape, so there is not enough slack for use. Fear not - you will extend this in a bit.

Seat the tape onto the pins as in the photo above.

The unused tape comes straight off its reel onto the slanted side of its pin, then rolls 'onto its back' to move flat through the white guide unit. The used waste tape runs along the inside of its pin in the same orientation as the unused tape, and winds straight onto its take-up reel.

Then, with the flat side of the white guide unit in contact with the SHINY side of the unused tape (make sure you've got this right!), seat the tape onto the white guide unit such that it runs through the set of guides on each side of the guide unit.

Holding a thumb over the pins to keep the tape threaded, gently gently, gradually pull the white guide *just enough* to seat the white guide unit.

Snap the case back together.

That should do it. When I did this I wasn't sure I had it right, but I've used it for a couple of days since, and it's working fine.

Step 5: Process Summary.

1. Open the Wite-Out case.

2. Carefully remove tape from guide-unit and take up 'too much' slack in the tape between reels.

3. Seat the tape onto pins as shown.

4. Carefully feed the tape, *maintaining too little slack*, in 'functional' orientation, over the guide unit and through the guides.

5. Without *stretching* the tape, gently pull the guide unit, with seated tape *out* to its position.

6. Seat the guide unit, onto its pin and into its slot on the other side.

7. Close the case.