Introduction: Fix Your Frozen Zune 30!!

If like me, your beloved Zune locked up last night and you just can't wait for Microsoft to release an official fix then this is for you!
Oh and Happy New Year!
Thanks to Surbo at for most of the work.

DISCLAIMER: I accept no responsibility for any damage you do to your zune. This fix may void your warranty and may cause personal injury if you are not careful. You have been warned.

Step 1: Open Your Zune

Ok this might sound very scary but it is worth it.
If you don't want to the go to the last step for a slower fix.

Ok the sync port has a little piece of plastic around it.
Pull it off very carefully and take out the two screws that are revieled.

Next slide a credit card all the way around the groove in the edge to pop the face off.
Careful the top that you don't snap the headfone jack off the top.

Step 2: Unplug the Battery

Ok inside you will find a ribbon cable from the battery to the circuit board. It connects somewhere near the sync port.
VERY CAREFULLY unplug this cable and the screen should go off.
Wait a few mins then plug it back in.

If it asks you to set the date and time make sure you set something like the 1st Dec 2008 else it will lock back up again.

Now Follow the steps in reverse to put the zune back together.

Step 3: Change the Time on Your Pc Too!

This bit is also quite important.
If you wish to sync your Zune before the fix is released then stop the auto adjust clock service on your pc then put the time back on there too.

If your zune didn't ask for a new time when you pluged the battery in the you will need to adjust the time this way anyway.

The service is stopped by typing: net stop "windows time" into a command propmt window ( inc quotes)

it is started again by typing: net start "windows time"

Step 4: The Slow Method.

If you didn't fancy the previous option of fixing your zune you can power it up and leave it somewhere to go flat.
The time it takes to do this will vary depending on how charged it is.
Leave it a further hour after you think it is flat to just make sure.
Then charge it back up and set the time and date to something like 1st Dec 2008 until an patch is released by microsoft.

If you just skipped here from the intro and require PC sync in that time then please read the previous step again else you will end up with the same problem as you had.