Fix a Broken Wooden Chair - FIX IT YOURSELF



Introduction: Fix a Broken Wooden Chair - FIX IT YOURSELF

Hello everybody, in this video I am gonna show you a quick way how to fix a broken wooden chair.

Step 1: Disassembling

- To start with, this project is gonna be pretty easy to do. You are just gonna need a saw, pen, screwdriver, elec. Drill, ruler, brush, sand paper, hammer, and optional elec. Saw and router.

- I firstly remove all the screws that were holding the chair rigid and soon I came to a problem where I couldnt remove some screws so I had to use my saw to do the job.

- After that the leg came out nicely but there were again 4 screws that literally didn't want to come off the wood.

- The leg was pretty weak so I just clamp it up and break it.

Step 2: Measuring, Cutting + Router

- Then I mark the wood and cut it to a desire length. You can use hand saw or elec. Saw it is up to you.

- Previous leg had a 45 ° angle cut on both sides and a 1 cm groove at the bottom for which I used my router.

- one of the legs had a groove in the middle, so I do that with a help of a router and a large drill bit.

- I sand all the edges and the last thing to do was another groove in the middle of the leg.

Step 3: Assembling

- I assembled everything back with a new screws and drilled some new holes near the the old ones that still had broken screws in.

- And that is pretty much all we need to do, The last thing was to paint the leg multiple times and let the paint a few hours between to dry before applying the new layer.

Step 4: Before/after Picture

- Here we go, It took me about 3-4 hours to do everything including going to the local home improvement store. The before and after picture is amaizing and I challange you to fix your broken stuff instead of buying the new ones.

I also made a video tutorial, so if you are interested please click the link below.

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