Introduction: Fix a Trellis

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So that janky old trellis is falling apart in your garden. The pins that held it together have corroded and it's all tweaked out of shape.

This trellis was used to hold passion fruit and passion flower vines.
One of my vines died off due to drought and I plan to add a new variety to the garden.

New trellises are not cheap. Even though the wood is silver and not red, chances are it's still good and strong.

Lets FIX IT!!!

Step 1: Get Your Tools Together.

Tools I used - links provided if you want to get your own.

Leather Rawhide Mallet -

Porter Cable Brad Nailer with 1 1/4" brads -

Porter Cable Pancake 150 PSI Air Compressor -

Werner Ladder -

Step 2: FIX IT!

Mine needed to be squared up and supported.

First I secured the right hand side against the fence with the brad nailer. This gave me the support to square it up. The whole thing was dropped on the left side, so I found a stake to support the bottom and nailed it together.

Now it is square, but flimsy, so the next step was to re-nail each joint for extra support. I put one nail in straight, and one in diagonally from the top down towards the back bottom.

Step 3: If You Got It, Flaunt It.

Some of the vines survived and were re-hung on the trellis. I also ordered some new plants to help fill up the wall with color and delicious fruit.

This time, I am trying Possum Purple Edible Passion Vine Plant - Passiflora edulis - Exotic!

They are said to be the sweetest variety. I can't wait!

Good luck with your project!!

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