Introduction: Fix Broken Power Cords With Sugru

Step 1: What You Need

1. A package of Sugru. I chose white to match my power cord. 2. Your frayed power cord/adapter. Mine was just frayed the wires were intact. If your wires are exposed you can still use this repair. If the wires are cut strip and reconnect before using the Sugru. 3. Sissors

Step 2: Open the Sugru

Cut the package down 3 sides as the packet shows. This is what it looks like opened properly. Take the Sugru and begin neading.

Step 3: Sugru Neaded

This is what it looks like when ready. You have a nice even consistentcy.

Step 4: Mold to Your Cord

Mold the Sugru around the cord and shape. Let it dry over night for best results. Tip I learned late: Use a shiny flat surface to mold the shape it will look much more finished than mine. We did this and a couple other instructables at Arch Reactor our local hacker space. come visit us if you get a chance.