Introduction: Fix Your Xbox 360 Easy!! No X-Clamps or Towles Required!

A few weeks ago my buddy's xbox 360 got the RROD, but, because he was getting an elite for his birthday, if I could fix it, I could have it. And so I started a desperate crusade to find an easy, cheap and lasting fix for the dreaded RROD. THIS IS IT!!!

(Note: this fix requires you to open the console, THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! if your warranty is still valid, just send your xbox to Microsoft.)

Step 1: So What Is It??

This is known as the penny fix. I know some people imediately think that 8 pennys cannot fix an xbox hardware problem and now think my instructabe is a load of bull. please just read one step further and i will explain exactly how and why this works.

Step 2: And So Why Exactly Does This Work??

The reason this works as apposed to alot of other methods is because it kills mulitple birds with one stone
over heating-> there will be some space under the board so the board doesnt get as hot
bad Ram connection->obvisouly the ram will get pressured back on to the motherboard
GPU/CPU issues-> with the released unneeded tension off the x clamps they dont seems to come unsolderd

Step 3: What You Need

You will need...
8-12 pennies
electrical tape
various screwdrivers for xbox disassembley

Step 4: Take It Apart!

Give a general description of the Step

just watch this

Step 5: Make the Penny Stacks

simply wrap 2 or 3 pennies in electrical tape so no copper is showing. Use as little tape as possible

Step 6: Put It All Together

Step 7: OVER HEAT!!!!

this is the step most people who fail at this method seem to miss.
overheat your xbox then cool it down completely. You have 3 options for overheating. 1. Towles, Not recomended. 2. unplug the fan, Better than towles but not great or 3. leave the fan plugged in but reloate it soit cools cpu but overheats GPU. BEST OPTION.

Oveheat for 10-15 minutes then cool down.

Step 8: PRAY!!


Step 9: Test It Out.

plug in your power cord and AV cables and...


congrates you are the owner of a newly repaired xbox