Introduction: Fixing That Stupid Soap Dispenser Built Into the Sink

Everyone of them designed stupider than a bag of rocks. It's an ok Idea, but Totally over-engineered and overly expensive to get parts. Here is permanent fix that is far better than the original, no mess replacing the soap and doing it in less than 4 seconds, and replacement parts are basically free or cost under $1.


1) any nice looking soap dispenser push down pump, go to the $1 store, or supermarket they come free with the soap,

2) about 3 feet of tubing - you'll have to bring the soap pump to the hardware store and see what fits. you are going to insert the straw part of the soap pump into the hose, and then then other end of the hose into the soap bottle THAT WILL BE SITTING ON THE FLOOR OF THE CABINENT. (hint (we are actually done right here just about.)

3) hose clamp - preferably the kind with the wing nut tightener so you don't need any tools to open and close it.

4) catch tray (optional) soap can spill, water can run down the tubing if you spill water, its always a good idea to put the soap bottle in a catch tray just in case. I used a squarish plastic bottle that had cat litter in it.

Step 1: Putting It Together (takes About 4 Minutes, 17 Seconds.)

firstly take off all that junk that came with the sink. especially that stupid plastic jar that holds about 4 squirts of soap before you have to refill it. All we want from the original stuff is the hole through the sink and a place to rest the soap pump on. Leaving the soap pump straw on pass it through the hole and let the soap pump rest on the socket that the old assembly used to sit on. Next attach the 3 foot section of soap to the straw, and use the hose clamp to tighten it down. Finally put the other end of the hose into the soap bottle, any soap bottle! As big as you like!!! Now it will take a few pumps to work the soap all the way up that 3 foot hose, but it should stay there after it is primed, and when its empty now all you have to do is swap bottles with the next one. No fuss, No muss. that simple.

Step 2: Some Nice to Haves.

Here are the pictures of the raw parts I used. on the hose clamps, the wing nut ones are harder to find, but you can get them on ebay, and harbor freight has a set for $5, alas you only need one but have to buy 25, but hey its $5, and you will be shocked how many uses you can find for the other hose clamps ( two of them with 2 poles and you have telescoping tent poles, paint roller extension poles for 1/5th the cost of the ones in the store.) the wing nut ones are so much more convenient, not that you really have to access it all that much, but if the soap pump breaks, you'll need to undo this hose clamp to put on a new one.

Under the sink always seems to get wet with the stuff we keep there, so I also cut a square jug into two pieces as catch trays, this way if liquids spill they aren't sitting on the wood. Also the soap bottles tend to be tipsy as they are usually tall and thin, so finding a heavy plant pot or jar with weight at the bottom( pennies???) to make sure it doesn't tip over is a good idea too.