Fixing a Broken Vertical Blind Vane

Introduction: Fixing a Broken Vertical Blind Vane

A vertical blind with missing two vanes is a pain and it's creepy at nighttime. I thought it's too expensive to replace the whole blind, so I decided to finally fix it myself after weeks of worrying of a boogieman or peeping Tom outside.

Step 1: Cutout of Plastic

Cut out a piece of a plastic that has a similar thickness as the vane. The cutout should cover enough of the damage area and about half inch allowance for attachment.

Step 2: Cut Out a U-Shape

Cut out a U-shape at the bottom of the cutout for the hook.

Step 3: Attaching the Cutout

Glue the cutout piece over the damage area. If the cutout has a print, apply the glue on the printed side to hide it. Let the glue dry at least one to two hours then hang it up. Finished!

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    Nice repair job. I need to do this to the blinds at my apartment.