Introduction: Fixing a Car Battery Pole Clamp.

My Wife's car battery positive pole is so slack it comes off by hand. As a result the voltage from the car's power system is pitifully low and this is causing the battery to sulfate.

Here is how I fixed this crap.

Step 1: Cleaning!

Using a brass wire brush I cleaned the pole and clamp.

Step 2: The Filler!

Using a flattened piece of copper tubing, I soldered a portion of it. I also applied solder to the inside of the battery clamp.

Step 3: Installing the Filler.

I cut the soldered section with a little extra length. I made a clip of it and had the soldered side facing the inside of the battery clamp.

I soldered both clip and clamp. Next I hammered the clip into a round shape using a 1/2inch extension as a mould.

Step 4: Completion!

Now the clamp is firm and tight onto the pole. No more free movement here.

I started the car and the voltage was consistent whereas before it was 13.0v and lower. Too bad I effed up my finger!

I hope this instructable has been helpful!