Fixing a Clothes Dryer.

Introduction: Fixing a Clothes Dryer.

This dryer recently began to produce only warm air in the drying chamber. The filters were cleaned and the supply voltage is good. Time to check the insides to see what could be wrong.

Step 1: Opening Up!

Using a appropriate sockets and a driver I took off the back panel.

Step 2: Investigation.

Checking the electricals I see the problem. A burnt connection at the intake heater. Sparks actually flew from that defective lug!

Step 3: Removing the Bad Connection.

Using a pliers I snipped off the bad connection and burnt wire.

Step 4: Inspecting the Heater.

While I was in the guts of the dryer I checked out the heater. The 5400watt unit is held by 2 screws. It looks good by me so I put it back in place.

Step 5: Replacing the Bad Connector.

A spare connector from a ups I used to repair the wiring. I soldered the joint for a reliable solution then applied 3 coats of liquid tape.

Step 6: Initial Load Testing.

The current draw is close to the 28amp rating of the unit. Now to close up this dryer.

Step 7: Closing Up.

With the exhaust duct back in place with the back covers now it was time to use the dryer.

Step 8: Completion!

Ah! It works well and now clothes are toasty dry.

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