Introduction: Fixing a Slack Transmission Dipstick.

The dipstick for my car's transmission is so slack it jumps out of its place when I crank the engine. I don't want to lose the dipstick driving on bumpy roads and also I don't want contaminants to enter the transmission.

Read on for how I fixed this issue.

Step 1: The Filler Material.

I needed a means to fill the gap between the rubber bung of the dipstick and the transmission. Heat shrink tubing is what I needed.

Step 2: Preparing the Dipstick.

I cut a short length of heat shrink tubing and slipped it over the rubber bung.

Step 3: The Heat Source.

The tubing needs heat to shrink and my hot air gun will provide that.

Step 4: The Fix.

Here is the tubing all shrunk onto the rubber bung.

Step 5: Completion.

Now the dipstick is nice and secure. Hooray.