Introduction: Fixing a Vibrating and Noisy Car AC Compressor.

For some years now my car AC compressor would vibrate alot and make nasty noises. This came about due to a faulty low pressure port that leaked out oil when my Manifold gauge set is connected. Now. I finally have the tool to fix this without taking apart my system. Read on for what I did.

Step 1: The Robinair 16256 Oil Injector.

Simple enough device that allows injection of oil into a fully pressurized system. The instructions are printed on its label. It allows for a maximum of 1/2 Oz of oil per injection.

Step 2: The Oil.

My car uses pag46 oil and a small 8oz bottle is plenty for what I need.

Step 3: Filling the Injector.

I used a new length of clear tubing to suck oil without getting it in my mouth. Ewwww.

Once the syringe was filled I "jiggled" the plunger to remove air bubbles. This is the exact instruction by Robinair which left my eyebrows crooked for such a laughable term by a reputable company. Anyhow, it worked to get the bubbles out.

Step 4: Injection Time.

Starting the car and putting the air conditioning on maximum, I first made sure to turn the blue valve knob fully anticlockwise until it stopped.

Next I slipped the coupler onto the low pressure port turned the knob fully clockwise until it stopped. I proceeded to inject the wonderful oil into the system and it required no real effort! Amazing.

Just half Oz is what I needed to sort out my issue. Too much oil will be dangerous to the compressor.

Step 5: Closing Up.

Once I took off the coupler a small remainder of the oil is seen pooled into the port. I closed the port by screwing on its cap and job done! For less than 90USD the Compressor much quieter and I'm happy. The compressor I'm sure has damage in it but it still cools very well and if I can get a couple more years service from this 1999 compressor then it's money well spent.